Going for the Jugular: Rumble in the Park

11 05 2009

My parents and my brother came for a visit and dinner yesterday.  It was an incredibly beautiful day, and so my brother suggested he take Mutt to the dog park around the corner from our place. 

Now, normally, I am a fan of dog parks.  But with a fairly long history of dealing with the Hoboken dog parks, I know the nuances of that microcosm.  One nuance being the “Here Comes the Sun” Rule.

The Here Comes the Sun Rule guarantees that after a spell of crappy weather, the first sunny and mild day will bring all sorts of asshats to the local dog parks, hoping to make up for the stretch of exercise-free days the weather has imposed on their charges.  So they show up all around the parks in town — dogs who have been cooped up without walking more than a one-block radius of their apartment… dogs who may not typically go to the off-leash parks and may not understand the “rules” or play well with others… owners with absolutely no clue about the benefits of exercising a hyper dog BEFORE making your way through the double gates.

The Here Comes the Sun Rule is the main reason I avoid the dog parks on days like yesterday, which was so lovely after such a rainy and gross week.

But I couldn’t say no to my brother… ever since he lost his dog, Rosie, among his favorite things to do when visiting is to adopt Mutt for a quick while and head to the park. 

So against my better judgement, off they went.

My brother returned, ashen… and Mutt returned, bleeding into the snow white fur of his throat.  I quickly cleaned him up — it looked worse than it was, and Mutt seemed non-plussed.  My brother gave me the play by play… large pit mix, harassing all the dogs at the park… most gave into it, but Mutt stood his ground and the dog attacked.  Fast.  And went right for Mutt’s throat!  The owner sauntered (yes, sauntered) over, chatting casually  into his cell phone, and helped my brother pry the dogs apart.

Simon immediately turned and ran for a ball someone had thrown — obviously, unbothered by the brawl.  The other dog’s owner simply left without a word.  But my brother said his adrenaline shot up and he called to Mutt and they came home.  It was only when he went to put on his leash that he realized there was blood… and he freaked, practically running the 4 blocks home.

Poor guy.  Poor Mutt. 

If you are a dog park regular, think about the Here Comes the Sun Rule next time you go… and maybe throw a ball in the yard instead.


The Verdict is In…

7 05 2009

Girl! I am beyond thrilled and get more excited as it continues to sink in… Girl, Girl, Girl.

Let the shopping begin. If you notice a shortage of pink items in the tri-state area this weekend, you can blame me!

Boy or Girl? Let’s take a guess…

4 05 2009

We have an ultrasound this week that will (hopefully) let us know whether we are having a boy or a girl.

I’m curious what my readers think I’m having… so far “in real life”, opinions have been very evenly split.  Although a family friend informed me “GIRL” as she dangled a wedding ring from a thread above my belly… and said that Italians were never wrong.  What say you dear readers?

Lots of people ask me if I have a “feeling” either way, and to that I really don’t have a concrete answer.  Sometimes I do find myself slipping and using the pronoun “he” by default — is this a sign?

I don’t feel like I am looking my best these days… so that by old wive’s tale lore would mean that a girl is “stealing my beauty.” 

I had no morning sickness… which legend says “boy.”  That Chinese Gender Predictor says “boy” too…

But then I had a dream a few nights ago that I was strolling about Hoboken with a mini-me — a girl.

So who knows?  I’m curious as all hell, and can’t wait to find out.  Let’s hope this thing cooperates when given the chance, shall we?

After all, there is shopping to commence ASAP.  So what do your guts tell you, will I be buying pink or blue?


2 05 2009

Rumors of my blog’s demise have been greatly exaggerated…

Though wholly supported by my lack of updates.  Let’s see if I can fix that…

I’ve been sort of busy — growing another human and all that — and my jeans are pissed at me as my growing belly is stressing them so.  I’m now 18 weeks!  I can barely believe it… soon, we’ll find out the gender of the baby and we couldn’t be more excited.  I continue to feel great overall and am incredibly grateful for the amazing gift of this pregnancy…

I’ve been knitting, too… most lately a baby cardigan called cocoloco from minnowknits for my friend Dina’s baby.  Of course, no pics, as she is a reader — or at least she was before I went all silent and whatnot.  Come back, Dina!  Come back!

Mutt continues to be the greatest dog in the universe — he’s loving the sunnier weather for the opportunity to laze in random patches of sunlight and has now taken a new liking to my “snoogle” pillow — a full body pillow that keeps me off the belly at night.  It has hook-shaped ends and Mutt enjoys curling up within them.  Hopelessly cute but majorly inconvenient to have him steal my spot every time I get up to pee — which is often these days.

The Brit is Superdad already… truly, he is.  Of course, he could lay off the “are you sure that’s decafs” and “waiter, can we get a refire on this steak because my wife is PREGNANT and it’s too rare!”  He could stop nagging me about when I’m going to stop wearing high heels (never, if I can help it), and he might consider not scrunching his nose everytime I burp — which, again, is often these days.  I try to be ladylike about it, but seriously, people… I burp probably 10 times a day!

Today, I’m heading to Brooklyn for my goddaughter’s 3rd birthday party… good Christ, where has the time gone?  I can’t believe it. 

So I need to get going… there is a dress-up costume to wrap, a card to sign, an appetizer to make…

Till next time… which hopefully, won’t be as long as this time.

A Tease…

6 04 2009

Yesterday, I slept in — lazy and dreamy — and woke with the sun shining on the bed and a cool breeze slightly billowing the sheers on the window.  What a perfect Spring day…

The Brit and I took Mutt for a longish walk — working our way back to our usual more lengthy jaunts while Mutt recovers from surgery to remove a benign tumor on his leg.  I looked down and saw the sun gleaming off Mutt’s golden fur, noticed the decided spring in his gimpy step.  When we stopped to look in a store window, I saw his reflection — sitting with his face tilted up to the sunlight, tongue hanging Dopey-like out the side of his smiling mouth.

Spring hath sprung!

We dropped Mutt back home and ventured uptown to Hudson Tavern for lunch.  We sat outside — out first al fresco meal of the season!  And on our walk home, we noticed most of Hoboken out enjoying the day like we were — walking along “The Avenue”, strolling the side streets pointing at the blooming trees, eating in the sidewalk cafes, enjoying the parks, reading or chatting out on stoops… this town sure does come alive in the Spring.  I love it.  After a long Winter, it reminds me why I live here.

Later that night, it was still so nice, we decided on another walk with Mutt.  Walking along Washington Street, there were lots of folks out just like us.  It’s like the passagiera or whatever they call it in Italy, when everyone steps outside in the early evening to walk around — just the random enjoyment of doing nothing.

It was wonderful.  And then… today.  Rain. Cold. Wind.  WTF?

The taste will need to tide us over for now, I suppose.

Why I Drove to Work Today

1 04 2009

I’m a bus or ferry girl.

Most mornings, I cross the street and await the #126 bus to NYC; on particularly beautiful days, I catch the NY Waterway ferry, a mode of transportation that has dubbed itself “the civilized commute”, and I agree!  There’s nothing like taking a boat to the office, and sitting on the upper deck in the sun and breeze. 

But anyway.  I took neither mode of transport today.  Well, I started to — but that mission was aborted pretty fast.

I got on the bus and my preferred seat — the first front-facing seat, at the window — was taken.  So I got a window seat a few rows back.  The bus started to really fill up with the next stop, and a guy about my age got on and sat in the seat next to me.  Fairly immediately, I notice he’s adjusting himself, ahem.  Okay, no biggie… I’m sure if I was carrying something between my legs I would occasionally need to shift things around.  But it becomes pretty clear fairly fast that he is not actually fixing a temporary issue, but in fact FONDLING HIMSELF.  I look up and glare at him, and when I do, he smiled at me.  Not just a “hi, I’m your busseatmate” type of smile, but a “hi, I’m fondling myself” smile. 

I stood up immediately and said, “Enjoy yourself.”  And got off at the next stop, totally nauseous at the thought.

Luckily, I was a few blocks from the ferry at that point, so I walked over to the pier and one had just left.  I sat down on a bench facing the river to waitout the next 15 minutes.  Immediately, I smell alcohol and look up to find a homeless guy lowering his ass to the bench.  Not the other side of the quite generous bench, mind you, but on the bench real estate immediately next to me, and then the alcohol smell started to become overpowered by the stench of horrific BO. 

Now I know that one of the things about being pregnant is that your sense of smell gets stronger and so that would explain the Superwoman olfactory deal… but seriously, do you also become a magnet for pervs and general riff raff?  Is there some pheremone that you excrete that gives a subliminary command to “follow me, sit next to me… come one, come all”?

Well, regardless, I’d had enough.  I walked home, got in the car and made my way into work.  A girl can only take so much on the morning commute.

How’d That Happen?

28 03 2009

Today begins the second trimester of my pregnancy.

It is so unbelievable… actually referring to myself in the same sentence as not only the word “pregnancy” but also the phrase “second trimester.”

Gratitude does not adequately describe the feeling.