I am a 30-something woman living in Hoboken, NJ with my British Expat Husband and awesomely-charming and practically-human shelter mutt.   I work at a major public relations agency, where I direct creative development for a large health-focused practice.

My blog is a general, stream-of-conscious glimpse at our life — and the topics of focus are both varied and random.  One day, I may write about a local issue in Hoboken (HELLO, property tax increase!)… another, I may post ridiculous pictures of my dog — with whom I am obsessed.  One post may give the play by play of a weekend, while another may give the play by play of what it’s like to go through fertility treatments.  I also talk a bit about knitting, cooking and general observations.

So it’s a bit of a mish-mosh… as is my life: a stew that is likely tasty only to me; but nonetheless, I’m serving it up.

Like (or hate) what you see?  Have an insight, observation or criticism?  Comment!  Or e-mail me at GingerBrit@gmail.com

(Because I’ve been asked and am sick of answering: GingerBrit started as a household e-mail address… Ginger for me, the redhead… and Brit for the hubs, who is… well… you get it.


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