24 07 2009

mayor of hoboken… arrested on corruption charges… transcript from the FBI that reads straight out of the Sopranos… video and audio recordings of dirty deals going down at the Malibu Diner between said mayor and a “developer” — who was actually FBI.

Less than three weeks in office — and he’s starring in a perp walk.  SO proud.

Less than 24 hours after said arrest — back at City Hall, making statements about being innocent, and declaring no intention to resign.

I believe in due process… but for the sake of our city, step aside — even if only until you vindicate yourself (holding breath, right?)… allow someone who is beyond reproach run the city while you, ahem, “clear your name.”

If he digs in his heels and refuses to resign, he is making a mockery of his own office, and coloring himself as the biggest hypocrite in town.  You see, it was probably a week ago that Mayor Cammerano made the following statement regarding Hoboken Housing Authority guy Hector Claveria, who was arrested on bribery charges:

 “This Administration has a clear-cut, zero tolerance policy against any violation of the public trust and I am calling for Housing Authority Commissioner Claveria to resign his position with the Hoboken Housing Authority immediately. Should he refuse to resign, I am demanding that the City Council President immediately begin proceedings for his removal pursuant to New Jersey State statute 40A:12A-17.”

If you are entitled to the innocent until proven guilty halo and feel you have no obligation to resign… well, then I’d like to ask you — what changed?  What is the difference between Claveria’s situation and your own?  Resign, resign, resign — if for no other reason than to show that you are a man of your word and consistently apply your principles to all scenarios, regardless of who is in the hot seat.  THAT is zero tolerance.

Mayor Cammerano, How much do I need to place in an envelope to get you to do the right thing?




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