Love My Fridays

5 06 2009

I’m blessed with a workplace that is extremely flexible — of course, being here for as long as I have, and reporting into the same boss that whole time helps, too. 

One of the ways that I benefit from that flexibility is a “work from home whenever you want to” edict.  Of course, you need to use good judgement on it, but typically, this means that on Fridays, I work from home.

And I do actually work.  I’m quite productive, in fact… being in the comfort of my own home (okay, and my PJs some days) allows me to write undistracted… to think creatively in whatever way works for me in the moment — whether sitting in my backyard staring at the clouds, laying on my couch with my legs slung over the top, or while absent-mindedly scratching Mutt’s belly.

But what Fridays at home really allow me is to carve out a little more time just for me — without a commute, I can spend part of my morning drinking coffee and eating eggs on toast at a local coffee shop (where I’m writing from right now); without having to brave lunch hour in Times Square, I can make a salad in my own kitchen, and then walk the dog to the park to eat it.

I’m not saying I do these things all the time… but I’m finding I’m motivated to cease the opportunities more and more.  And it doesn’t hurt that while on a conference call, I can throw in some laundry or declutter the top of my bureau.  Between my work from home Fridays and our hiring of a cleaner for the house, I feel like I’ve been gifted my free time (and my weekends back.)

Lucky, lucky, lucky me… but for now, it’s time to pay my little check and get back to my “Friday office” — Mutt’s belly is waiting.




One response

5 06 2009

I am MUCH more productive when I work from home, for many of the exact reasons you mentioned.

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