36 years…

4 06 2009

I turned 36 this week.

Three.  Six.

I am okay with it, really.  Although folks keep making jokes about being “29 — again” and “on the downslope to 40” and whatever…

I don’t really think I look 36 years old.  I know I don’t always act like i”m 36 years old.  I honestly feel like some of my very best years are within my reach just in front of me.

Am I kidding myself?  Please, dear readers… humor me if I am, okay?


In other news, I am about 24 weeks pregnant… and still feeling great.  I definitely have  a bump, but I’m actually loving it.  It’s funny how much I like my body pregnant, given that I’ve struggled with body image in the past.  But I have to say — I think I look pretty cute — bump and all!  And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve managed to find some stylish maternity clothes that still fit me here in the middle of the second trimester. 

But there’s always the third — and it both scares and thrilled me.


What about Mutt?  Yes, well, my dog is awesome.  I don’t mean to brag, but he just is.  He is my constant companion — where I go, he goes for the most part.  My neighbor saw me pull out of our garage the other day with Mutt perched atop the center console,  snout sticking out the sunroof, and said, “Simon’s like your co-pilot.”  I laughed in response, but then he said, “You and that dog are inseparable.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without him.”

Now that’s an exaggeration…  but it’s not far off enough to cross the line to ridiculous.

Worse things could be said, I think.


And The Brit… or Papa Bear as I’ve taken to calling him thanks to his growing paternal instinct.  His constant query of “How’re my girls?” and eagerness to rub my growing belly are sort of meltworthy… but his continuing insistence that perhaps my high heels aren’t practical anymore is growing annoying.  Let me enjoy them while I still can!  And while you’re at it — stop examining my hands every morning to determine if they’ve swelled.  Apparently, he read something that’s got him all freaked out.  No worries, dear — my rings still fit, my shoes still fit… I don’t appear to be swollen anywhere but my boobs and my belly. 

I’ve used the circumstances to my benefit, though; insisting that regular foot rubs are supposed to keep swelling and other maladies at bay.  Result?  Nightly foot massages — Woot!  This I could get used to!




4 responses

4 06 2009

I turned 41 in February. I still look much younger, and I act seven.

5 06 2009

I’m sure you look adorable but we may need some pictures just for proof! 😉

9 06 2009

“How are my girls”….I love it!

14 06 2009

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was wonderful and fun.

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